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 Category: Known Issue

 Title: Frequency Dropdown Box Locks Up

 bulb  Summary: The Frequency dropdown box on the criterion data entry page will occasionally lock up.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV, GoalTrak™ CV  Version: All

 Description: When adding a new criterion on the criterion data entry page, the Frequency dropdown box will occasionally lock up when the user clicks on it. When it locks up, the user doesn't see the contents of the dropdown box and cannot click on a frequency.

 Work Around: When this happens, use the keyboard and type in the first letter of the frequency you want. For example, type "m" for monthly. Typing a letter uses the automatic search mode built into the dropdown box control.

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 Author: Stephen Dodd
 Published: August 19, 2009
 Revised: November 2, 2009

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