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 Category: Known Issue

 Title: Y-Axis Starting point in Graphs work only for Stacked column graphs

 bulb  Summary: Users wanting to customize the starting point of the Y-Axis for a graph will find that this setting will only work for a Stacked Column graph.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV, GoalTrak™ CV  Version: All


GoalTrak allows the user to customize individual graphs in their dashboard by clicking on the Customize button for each graph. One of the items that can be customized is the Y-Axis starting point which GoalTrak calls the Data Starting Point. Even though the user can enter a Data Starting Point for any type of graph, the data entered is only used by Stacked Column graphs.

 Work Around: None

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 Author: Stephen Dodd
 Published: August 28, 2009

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