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 Title: Key Result Areas

 bulb  Summary: A list of the default business and personal key result areas used in all GoalTrak applications.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV, GoalTrak™ CV, GoalTrak™ PV  Version: All


Business Key Result Areas

KRA Description
Profit The net profit or surplus before tax planning efforts, produced by the efficient operation and effective administration of your enterprise.

Sales, Income, Revenue The gross or top line billing/invoicing produced by all activities of your enterprise.

Community Image The way your organization is perceived by the social, vendor, customer and employee communities - stakeholder perceptions.

Customer/Client Satisfaction The policies, procedures and values that determine how and to what degree your customers/clients' needs will be satisfied.

Physical Environment The physical space, layout, ambiance, tools and equipment that your people work in and with.

People The number, positions, qualifications, pay scales, benefits, and training/development needs of your people at all levels.

Diversification The identification/creation/acquisition of new products, services, and or markets to ensure your organization's continued competitive viability.

Systems & Procedures The methods, principles and technologies used, the "way you do things", to ensure the best use of human, financial and equipment resources to generate profit and satisfy your customers.

Personal Key Result Areas

KRA Description
Family/Home Your priorities of expressing love, children's welfare and education, work time vs family time, spousal relationship, recreation, home residence...

Financial/Career Your view of the importance of family financial stability, budgets, job growth, mature spending habits, credit worthiness, insurance, taxes...

Mental/Educational Your attention to ongoing education, learning speed, professional skills, reading habits and materials, desire to learn, hobbies...

Physical/Health Your attitudes and behavior towards health, energy, relaxation, exercise, vacations, weight, nutrition...

Social/Cultural Current and desired situations with regard to friends, etiquette, poise, persuasiveness, listening skills, group interactions, humor, the arts...

Spiritual/Ethical Your integrity and honesty, ethics, morals, responsibility to others, religious beliefs, values, virtues...

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 Author: Richard Lewine
 Published: January 15, 2005

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