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 Title: GoalTrak EV Glossary

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GoalTrak EV - Glossary

Action Step - In goal setting, a small, 100% controllable task or activity
Actual Starting Point - A beginning point for the measurable outcome of a goal
Affirmations - Positive, first person, present tense statements, that represents a desired future condition
Annotations - Comments made by a goal owner or viewer, that reside within a goal structure and that become part of the goal's permanent data record
Appraisal Period - A predetermined, finite period within an Appraisal Year that allows for timely communication between manager and worker on actual performance against expectation
Appraisal Year - A delimited period of time during which performance appraisals are conducted and within which Appraisal Periods are created

Below Expectations - A performance measurement that indicates less than optimum performance

Child Goal - A goal that is tied directly to a higher level goal in the organization, the results of which are generally rolled up into at least one of the Parent goal's Measurable criteria. Sometimes called Sub-goal.
Commitments - The set of outcomes for a criterion which a Goal Owner has agreed to achieve
Criteria - The yardsticks that you create by which you will measure the progress toward your goal. There are four types of criteria:
  1. Cumulative - results from each measurement period are added together, accumulating toward your goal
  2. Rate - the average of the results from all measurement periods is recorded and compared to your target
  3. Ratio - results for a numerator and denominator from each measurement period are summed respectively, and the ratio of the two sums is recorded and compared to your target
  4. Percentage - results are reported as a percent rather than a decimal equivalent
Criterion Indicator - A square, or portion of a square that has red, yellow or green images that indicates the performance of a criterion to date compared to the overall target of the criterion at the end date
Crystallization - The intital step of getting a goal setter's thoughts about what they want to achieve out of their head and on to paper, or into a computer

Dashboard - A collection of graphical data representing actual performance vs target
Deactivate a Goal - The act of removing a goal from GoalTrak's active, tracking status

Exceeds Expectations - A performance measurement that indicates better than minimum performance
Expectations - The minimum, agreed-to target of measurable performance
Export - Create a .csv file of GoalTrak data to send to a third party application

Goal - A target or objective to which a goal setter commits their efforts toward achieving
Goal Archivist - The individual in an organization authorized to decide when a goal should be removed from the GoalTrak system
Goal Statement - A paragraph or set of phrases that describes exactly what you want to accomplish and meets these five criteria: specific, measurable, tangible, realistic and controllable
GoalMail - The internal GoalTrak communication system
Graph - The visual representation of data generated by GoalTrak, usually, actual performance vs goal target criteria

Human Resources Director - Individual that has responsibility for the people focused functions for an organization

Job Description - A written explanation of a position's performance requirements and responsibilities

Key Result Area - Areas within an organization or your life to which significant resources are allocated

Measurable Criteria - The yardsticks that you create by which you will measure your progress toward the goal
Mission - The philosophical and values based statement of an organization's purpose. Usually includes a commitment to customers and employees and clarity of deliverable product or service

Obstacles/Challenges - Road blocks that must be overcome to achieve a goal
Organization Leader - Usually the CEO or President
Overall Target - An end point measurable outcome of a goal

Parent Goal - An organizational goal that has Child Goals and that generally is dependent on the results of those Child Goals for achievement of at least one of its Measurable criteria.
Performance Criterion - A criterion of a goal which is used by the Appraisal module to rate the goal owner's performance
Period Indicator - A circular, red, yellow or green image that appears when viewing results and indicates the performance of a criterion for a particular measurement period
Primary Criterion - The driving force phrase or sentence of a Goal Statement that is the bottom line essence of a goal
Primary Target - The overall target of the Primary Criterion

Resource Links - Resource Links are links that you create in specific places in GoalTrak EV that take the user to web sites and web pages both outside and within your organization.
Resources - Those people, groups, equipment, tools and capital that are either available or needed to accomplish a goal
Revise a Goal - The act of modifying a goal in GoalTrak that has already been published and is actively being tracked
Road Blocks - Obstacles and challenges that must be overcome to achieve a goal
Rollup Criterion - A measurable criterion in a Goal that either supports a Parent Criterion, is a Parent Criterion or both.

Sibling Goals - Goals that have the same Parent Goal
Significantly Exceeds Expectations - A measure of performance that manager and employee agree is much greater than the minimum expectation, and above "exceeding expectation"
Solution - The method or means by which Road Blocks will be overcome
Stasis Goal - A Goal, belonging to a user who has been removed from the system, that has not been re-assigned to another user or deactivated
Strategic Category - A Guiding principle that organizations may use to determine its nature and direction
Strategy - A state or condition that an organization commits to implementing in support of its Vision
Strategy Statements - The clearly articulated description of a Strategic commitment
System Administrator - The individual in an organization responsible for maintaining GoalTrak
System of Goals - A cascading method of organizational goal setting that begins with top level goals and flows to and from individual performance goals, including Divisional, Departmental and Workgroup goals. Here is a conceptual overview.

Target - A measurable objective within a goal that makes it possible for goal setters to know how they are doing with respect to their actual performance
Target Tolerance - An allowance of plus or minus some realistic percentage of a performance target
Tracking - The goal setting step that identifies the measurable criteria by which you will track your progress

Unable to Meet Expectations - A measure of performance that manager and goal setter agree is significantly less than minimum expectation and less than "below expectation"
User - An organization employee who is using GoalTrak

Vision - A clearly articulated picture of an organization's future to which everyone is committed

Workgroup - A collection of people within an organization that are usually focused on one discipline or function

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