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 Title: Goal Types

 bulb  Summary: The goal types used in GoalTrak™ applications are defined here.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV, GoalTrak™ CV  Version: All

Goal Types - In GoalTrak™ EV there are three types of goals that anyone in the organization can create: Standard, Performance and Personal Develoment goals. If you are an executive of the organization, you have the option of creating an Executive Goal as well. Here are the definitions of these goal types:

Standard A Standard Goal is a public goal that is viewable by anyone in the organization and does not belong to any of the following categories.
Performance A Performance Goal is a public or private goal that is part of a Goal Owner's Performance Appraisal.
Personal A Personal Goal is a private goal that is only viewable by the Goal Owner and their Manager.
Executive An Executive Goal is a private goal that can only be created and viewed by Executives and their collaborators.

In GoalTrak™ CV there is only one type of goal that can be created; a Standard goal. Here is the definition of this goal type:

Standard A Standard Goal is a private goal that is viewable only by the goal owner and their mentor/coach and can be tied to another goal.

In GoalTrak™ EV, select the Goal Type for your new goal by clicking on the appropriate radio button. To view the Goal Type definitions in a pop up window, click on the Goal Type link next to the radio buttons.

In GoalTrak™ CV, the goal type is selected for you.

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 Author: Stephen Dodd
 Published: July 24, 2009

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