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 Title: How to Approve a Goal

 bulb  Summary: Help file for Managers on how to approve goals written by direct reports.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV  Version: All

 Description: If you are a Manager in the organization, you will use this section to approve goals written by your direct reports. If you are not a Manager, then this link will not be visible to you.

On this page is a list of goals that have been submitted to you for your approval. As the Goal Owner's manager, you must approve these goals so they may be Published by the goal owner and become active, tracking goals. You can click on the View link for a goal to review the goal prior to approving it. The goal information will be displayed in a pop up window. Additionally, you will have access to all the goal's annotations and supporting documents from this window. After you have reviewed the goal and determined that it is well written and ready for publication, close the View window. Click on the goal's radio button and then click on the Approve button. If you Approve the Goal, GoalTrak EV will automatically send a GoalMail message to the goal owner stating that their goal was approved for publication.

If the goal is not ready for publication, then let the goal owner know by clicking the Not Approved button. This will open up a GoalMail window where you can explain your decision and tell the goal owner what has to be changed before you will approve the goal. The "To", "Subject", and "Reference Goal" fields have been filled in for you. When you finish typing your message, click on the Send this GoalMail button to send your message to the goal owner.

Note: You are only able to approve one goal at a time.

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 Author: Stephen C. Dodd
 Published: July 23, 2009

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