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 Title: GoalTrak™ Software as a Service (SaaS) Fact Sheet

 bulb  Summary: This fact sheet contains our mission statement, policies and myriad facts pertaining to delivering GoalTrak™ products using the SaaS business model.

 Product: GoalTrak™ EV, GoalTrak™ CV, GoalTrak™ PV  Version: All

 Description: Software as a Service (SaaS) Fact Sheet for GoalTrak™ Products

Quantum Voyage Mission Statement - To deliver high quality goals and performance management systems to individuals and organizations through the ubiquity and ease of access of the world wide web.

Quantum Voyage Policies:
  • No long term sales agreements required.
  • Version upgrades will be rolled out automatically at least once per quarter at no cost to the customer.
  • In each GoalTrak™ EV application, there are three free users:
    1. A “Board of Directors” user that oversees the organization leader
    2. A System Administrator that sets up the application and maintains it under the directioon of management
    3. A “Consultant” user that allows an organization to give their consultant access to their data.
  • Products:
    1. GoalTrak™ EV – The web-based organization-wide Strategic Goals & Performance Management system that is the quintessential tool for generating and managing your results!
    2. GoalTrak™ CV – The web-based Goal Setting system designed for consultants to mentor their clients in the art of goal setting that can deliver results!
    3. GoalTrak™ PV – The PC-based, personal Goal Setting system designed to help individuals reach their full potential. This is not an SaaS product.
Reliability & Availability:
  • Reliability: 99.5%
  • Availability: 99.89%
Scale: 1000 users

  • All GoalTrak™ applications are accessed with a username and password.
  • All GoalTrak™ applications have been programmed to intercept SQL and JavaScript injection attacks.
  • All GoalTrak™ servers are housed in an interior server room with double 5/8 sheetrock walls and solid core fire door with keyed and fingerprint lock. The server room has a hand operated halon fire extinguisher. Exterior security of the server building includes buzzer access, otherwise deadbolt on all exterior commercial metal doors. Motion detecting interior alarm monitored system with perimeter alarm and fire/smoke/rate of rise detectors.
  • All customer data is backed up daily on two different servers in two different geographical locations.
  • Requests and suggestions that Quantum Voyage deems applicable to all customers, will be incorporated in a future version at no cost to the customer.
  • Requests and suggestions that Quantum Voyage deems are customer specific can be customized into GoalTrak™ applications for a negotiated fee.
Integration: The action step To Do list generated in GoalTrak™ products can be exported to Microsoft Outlook or any other CSV compliant application.

Data Ownership:
  • All customer data residing in a GoalTrak™ application is owned by the customer.
  • In the GoalTrak™ application, all customers have the ability to back up their own data to a hard drive on their premises.
  • Using phpMyAdmin 2.7.0 with MySQL x.x a customer can view all data and export any portion or all of it to MS Excel 2000 or MS Word 2000, or other files in CSV, SQL or XML format.
GoalTrak™ Software: In the event of a prolonged service outage or unexpected shutdown, Quantum Voyage will release application software, at no charge, to all existing customers from the following third party representative:

      Regina Obe
      Paragon Corporation
      1 Devonshire Place
      Suite 4011
      Boston, MA 02109

Required Client Deliverables for Set-Up:
  • Company name
  • Company domain name for application (name.goaltrak.com)
  • Company logo: Height: 40px to 72px; Width: 40px to 200px – based on length of company name
  • Company Leader name
  • Customer preference for the name of the top level workgroup
  • Preferred Organizational Development link
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 Author: Quantum Voyage
 Published: January 21, 2008
 Revised: July 7, 2009

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